Medecins Chanteclair

The following illustrations were originally published in Chanteclair, a Parisian artistic and medical revue. The magazine issued twice monthly beginning in 1905 and lasted until around 1935, its circulation mostly confined to the medical profession. In eight pages, Chanteclair intersperses poetry and engravings with feuilletons and expository articles lauding its publisher and sole advertiser, the cure-all Carnine Lefrancq, "pur suc de viande de bœuf CRUE CONCENTRÉ" -- pure concentrated raw beef juice -- a potential treatment for anorexia, chlorosis, consumption, neurasthenia, and other diseases. In addition, each issue spotlighted a contemporary surgeon, offering a capsule biography to accompany a typically allegorical caricature.

Careful examination is recommended -- many of these are very weird.

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