Keloid is a benign new growth of connective tissue, a peculiar hyperdevelopment of the dermis following some injury to the skin. In those who are susceptible to this development, an extremely slight hurt such as a scratch or the bite of an insect may be sufficient to start a growth. The development of keloid in recent scars is not uncommon. The tumor begins as one or more small, smooth, firm, pink, slightly elevated, round or oval nodules which enlarge gradually and sometimes require months or years to attain conspicuous dimensions. In its growth the tumor may assume almost any size or shape. It rarely reaches a height of more than an inch, but it may cover an area of a square foot or more. Most of the growths are only a few inches in diameter. A marked peculiarity of keloid is its tendency to send out clawlike extensions, and often to cause a slight puckering of the normal skin about its periphery. It is generally devoid of hair. After an indefinite period, growth ceases and the tumor remains almost unchanged for the rest of a lifetime. The disease frequently presents itself at the site of a body piercing.

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