Erythema multiforme

Erythema multiforme is an acute inflammatory disease of the skin, characterized by a rash that may be composed of macules, papules, tubercles, vesicles, blisters, or some combination of these. In its simplest form the eruption consists of pink papules of pin-head to pea size, which appear first on the backs of the hands and feet and enlarge gradually, assuming a purplish hue; later a brownish pigment is deposited in the skin. The evolution of the efflorescences often does not progress beyond this stage. Occasionally, however, with further enlargement of the original papules or tubercles, disc-like lesions are formed, the middle portions of which usually become depressed and cyanotic while the advancing margins are always a brighter shade of pink or red. In many instances, the disease seems to be the result of an intestinal intoxication.

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