Eczema chronicum infantum

Facial eczema in infants that has lasted any time is very apt to become symmetrical and assume a pustulo-crustaceous form quite distinctive in appearance. Upon the swollen, raw and weeping base there form thick crusts composed of dried exudate, pus, blood, and epithelial debris. Their color is yellow, greenish or brownish-red according to the quantity of admixed pus and blood. The submaxillary glands are usually swollen but seldom break open. The itching is intense and the infant, if permitted, will tear off the crusts with its fingernails, exposing the denuded oozing surface and producing immense excoriations. The ulceration is never sufficiently deep however to cause subsequent scarring. Curiously, the skin below the eyes and about the nose and mouth often may be unaffected while the rest of the face is severely involved.

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