Trichophytosis unguium

Synonyms: Onychomyocosis trichophytina; Tinea trichophytina unguium; Ringworm of the nails.

When the ringworm fungus attacks the nail, which it does comparatively rarely, the sides of the nails seem to offer the least resistance to the infection. The edge of the nail which is first affected loses its luster and transparency, becomes thickened, brittle and raised from the nail bed by the accumulation of crumbly, grayish scales of skin debris upon its under surface. The disease may remain limited to one portion of the nail, though generally it spreads so that in time the whole nail becomes deformed, thick, furrowed, opaque, and friable. It is unusual to find all of the nails affected. Untreated the malady persists for years, with little chance of spontaneous recovery.

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