G'day Rotten, 

I thought you'd be interested in seeing the attached photo. 

It is one I took last year while in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, of a street-beggar.
The photo is un-touched and is straight out of my Kodak DC-290 Digital Camera.

The Story: 
In some countries, poor people mutilate themselves (and sometimes their
children - India & Egypt) in order to obtain sympathy from overseas tourists
and hopefully be provided greater cash donations.

This particular individual has perfected a way of cutting the surface of his
skin to provide maximum visual impact while probably not causing serious injury.

Others, or so I am told, go to greater extents, such as breaking leg bones and
ensuring the bone protrudes out of the flesh.

Shane Arnfield 
Western Australia

[rotten has reduced the photo in size by 50%]

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